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Monsterz are like our untamed emotions, what are yours made of?

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Community driven project on Solana, focused on bringing awareness on mental health and supporting artists.

Our vision

Through the creative and technical process of creating an NFT project, we want to build a community of kind and like-minded people.

Our main goal is to give back to our supportive community.

Bring awareness on mental health and support people who are helping on that domain

10% of Monsterz launch revenues and 15% of the royalties are going to different charities revolving around mental health, those charities are chosen by our community.

We already did 2 charity events where we auctioned 1/1 NFTs drawn by our artist Lia Moonrise, that helped us raise funds for TWLOHA and Mental Health America.
You can see the ended auctions on Holaplex.

We also opened a safe space in our discord server to provide our holders with a place where they can share their stories, feelings, emotions when feel the need for it.

Messages in the safe space can be anonymous or not.

Support and promote artists

Canvas is a collection of art pieces from different artists that will be exclusively available to our communty.

Our community can propose artists they want to see us work with and we will try and get exclusive art pieces from them!

This collection is listed on

Empower our community

In order to give the most control and liberty to our community, we are creating the $MNSTR token!

You will be able to stake your Spookyz and Monsterz to get $MNSTR tokens, if you stake both, you will get even more $MNSTR.
$MNSTR will be used to buy exclusive pieces of art, place bid on 1/1 NFTs and even make donations!
You will obviously be able to swap these tokens on DEX.

The ultimate goal for us is to have the whole project controlled by the DAO.

Spookyz and Monsterz holders will be able to make proposals and vote for those that make sense to them.

We will support their choices and do everything we can to bring them to life!


Sometimes our feelings can take over like little monsters invading our minds, and we feel a bit powerless.

These little monsters are these part of us, sometimes funny, sometimes scary, but we all have them, and we’re all connected through them,
even if we don’t live the same lives, we all have the same emotions.

Monsterz are unique NFTs, but unlike most other collections, each Monsterz will actually be unique!
We will make sure each Monster only exists in a single NFT.

You will never see the same Monsterz twice on different backgrounds for instance.

How can I get a Monsterz

The mint sold out but you can find them on MagicEden now!

What is the total supply?

The total supply is composed of 3333 Monsterz.

666 are reserved for the Spookyz holders' airdrop.

100 will be pre-minted (for promotion + 3 for each member of the team).

What do I own when holding a Monsterz NFT?

You own a seat in the community DAO which allows you to make decisions on how to make this project evolve and what to do with the DAO wallet.

You also own the commercial usage rights, so feel free to do whatever you want with your NFT as long as you hold it.


Spookyz are the little emotional ghosts that haunt us at night.

Spookyz is a collection of 666 NFTs minted during a stealth launch, all sold out in 10 hours for 0.13 SOL each.

Our goal with this collection was to get our first community members and work with them on the Monsterz collection.

It was very important for us to work with the community from the start as this is what this project is all about.

Spookyz holders already received some unique NFT art pieces, as a first taste of what will come next.

Holders will also receive a free Monsterz for each Spookyz they hold in their wallet before the 13th of December, 6PM UTC.

That will double their voting power in the DAO.

Holders who stake both Spookyz and Monsterz will get more $MNSTR than by just staking one of the collections.

They are now available on secondary markets :

Ranking available on Moonrank and HowRare


This the what we have in mind for the roadmap but we are constantly discussing the project with the community so this might change if the community requests it.

First ideas and drawing of Monsterz

At the beginning of September 2021, the idea for this project started to pop in our minds.
Lia Moonrise had a first go at the drawings, we were all very enthusiastic about it!

Stealth launch idea for Spookyz

Mid-october, we started thinking that to bring a small community together in the project and get some funds to kick start Monsterz, we could do a stealth launch of a small collection named Spookyz.

We started working on that right away.

Drawing and generation of Spookyz

Lia Moonrise drew all the attributes for Spookyz, CandyMachinist took the infrastructure and the code in charge, Auraze worked on the social elements (discord, twitter etc.) and generated the NFTs.

Stealth launch of Spookyz

We launched Spookyz in a stealth drop to organically build a small active community that will help us launch Monsterz.

We were expecting it take 3-4 days to sell out, it took us by surprise and sold out in only 10h.

Listing Spookyz

It took only 24h to get listed on the first marketplace, other followed, ranking tools too.

Start the early DAO with Spookyz holders

We are now working hand in hand with the Spookyz holders on Discord to build the Monsterz collection and the DAO.

We want to involve you in this project as much as possible!

Airdrop art pieces

One side of this project is supporting the artists while providing benefits to our community.

To achieve that, we are airdropping art pieces from different artists in a collection we named Canvas.

Already a few pieces have been airdropped and we will continue to do that regularly.

The Canvas collection is exclusively listed on

New website

We created this website to explain what Spookyz and Monsterz are in more details.

Later on, the DAO will also be part of this website.

Charity events

We have started charity events where we sell unique NFTs drawn by our artist Lia during auctions.

The funds obtained during these auctions are all donated to charities.


Marketing of Monsterz

We are switching the marketing from Spookyz to Monsterz until the launch is done.

The goal is to have a successful launch for Monsterz but also to get people excited about the whole project, not just Spookyz.

We hope for the community to help us on that part as this work best when done in a team effort.

Airdrop Monsterz to Spookyz holders

To thank all the early investors of the project, we will airdrop one Monsterz for each Spookyz that you hold in your wallet.

For instance, if you have 3 Spookyz in your wallet, you will receive 3 Monsterz.

Your Spookyz will have to be unlisted in order to receive the airdrop but don’t worry, we will let you know when the snapshot will be taken so you will have time to delist your listed Spookyz.

Public launch of Monsterz

The big moment has arrived, it’s time for the public launch of Monsterz.
The whole supply is 3333 but only 2567 will be available to mint, the rest will already have been pre-minted and airdropped.

Add Monsterz holders to the DAO

Monsterz holders will have the same voting power as Spookyz holders in the DAO.
Since Spookyz holders are early supporters who received an extra Monsterz for each Spookyz they hold, they will have twice as much voting power.

In the first phase, the proposals and votes will be done in discord in the holders channels but we plan on building a dedicated website so that 1 NFT = 1 vote.

You can now make formal proposals on what to do with the DAO funds and what direction the project takes.

DAO funding

We also want to kick start the DAO by funding it with 10% of the drop revenues.
After that, the DAO will be funded by the secondary market royalties of Monsterz.

The amount of royalties each Monsterz generates will be decided by the DAO before launch but 100% of these royalties will go into the DAO.

Listing Monsterz

You know the drill, we will do all we can to make that happen as fast as possible!

We want Monsterz to be listed on Magic Eden and and have them ranked on Moonrank.

Charity donations

With this project, we want to give back to the community.
A way to do that is to make donations to charities.
We have some ideas on which charities we want to help but once again, the early DAO will decide what is best.

10% of the drop revenues and 15% of the royalties will be donated to charities focus on mental health.

More charity events like auctions will be setup to raise even more funds for these charities !

On the 16th of January 2022, we donated ~1.55 ETH ( $5,170 ) to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and ~1.55 ETH ( $5,170 ) to Vibrant Emotional Health !

$MNSTR Token airdrop

Spookyz and Monsterz holders will receive daily airdrops of our $MNSTR token!

Holding 1 Monsterz will gets 1 $MNSTR.
Holding 1 Spookyz will gets 2 $MNSTR.
Holding 1 Hidden Monsterz will gets 5 $MNSTR.

Your NFTs have to be delisted to receive the tokens, not on a marketplace!

Mint art pieces

You can use your $MNSTR tokens to mint some exclusive art pieces from different artists!

These NFTs are called Canvas, this collection will continue to grow as we work with more artists !
Canvas collection exclusively listed on

👉 Check the schedule of all the art drops here!

1/1 auctions

Some exclusive 1/1 by different artists will be auctioned and you will be able to use your $MNSTR tokens to bid on them !

About us

IRL, the three of us are family, we know each other very well.
We decided to create this project together to have fun and build something that feels like us.
We are all living in Belgium EU - CET, and we are between 34 and 38 years old.

We all have different skills and tasks on this project but we all interact with the community and act as moderators on the Discord server.

Auraze's profile picture

AurazeAuraze on Twitter!

The lead behind the project, he has been a Software Engineer for the last 15 years. His favorite part about this job is the possibility to change it completely based on the technology he's working on.

This project is no exception since he's never worked on any blockchain project before but there are so many good resources and amazing people on Solana that we know for a fact that we can make this project a success.

His job here is obviously the tech but he will also be the one who makes sure everybody is in sync and focus a lot on all the social / marketing aspects.

Lia Moonrise's profile picture

Lia MoonriseLia Moonrise on Twitter!

The artist behind Spookyz and Monsterz, she worked on the Gloom Punk Club collection before, this time she is working on this project as a complete part of the team, she is here with us and she will keep working with us on the next ideas !

She is working as an artist full time, always with a pen in her hand, ready to draw / paint / print whatever she is inspired by.
NFTs are her new passion, she loves it and doesn't plan on stopping now !

Candy Machinist's profile picture

Candy MachinistCandyMachinist on Twitter!

A Software Engineer for the last 15 years, he has a lot of experience in building projects from scratch and managing teams.

He's been a crypto enthusiast for years and he was dragged into NFTs a few months ago by Auraze.

Here he will be mostly working on the backend, Candy Machine, infrastructure etc. making sure that all the launches and minting processes will be as smooth as possible.